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How to Make a Mason Jar Salad

Sharon Palmer

Want to learn how to make an easy Mason Jar Salad? I’ve got you covered in this simple step-by-step guide. I love using Mason jars in my kitchen. Sure, they are perfect for canning and preserving, but these handy glass jars can go far beyond this functional task. Mason jars are ideal for household décor, drinking glasses, storing leftovers and pantry staples, and yes, portable containers for packing salads. They are the ultimate in sustainable, reusable kitchen essentials.

This handy salad-in-a-jar idea has been trending on social media for awhile now. And why shouldn’t it be? Mason jar salads offer so many fabulous rewards: a boost for eating healthy, vegetable-rich salads; sustainable, earth-friendly packaging; and a stylish way to pack a delicious meal on the go. Plus, the sky’s the limit in terms of how creative you can get with these fabulous packable salads. 

The steps to layering your Mason jar salad are perhaps the most crucial part of the packing process. First goes the dressing, followed by the vegetables and/or fruit, grains and/or beans; leafy greens, and then finally the crunchy nuts, seeds or dried fruit. If you follow this order, the ingredients stay separated just enough to avoid getting soggy. When you’re done, just screw on the lid, give it a good shake, and pour the salad into a bowl. Or eat it directly out of the jar. Chill your Mason jar salads until you’re ready to eat them. These are also great for meal prep. Check out my favorite recipe for Mason Jar Salad.

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How to Make a Mason Jar Salad: Step-by-Step Guide:

Gather together all of your ingredients for your Mason jar salad, including vegetables, fruits, grains, pulses, seeds, nuts, leafy greens, and dressing.
Prepare your dressing or vinaigrette.
Pour dressing or vinaigrette into the bottom of the Mason jar for your first layer.
Chop your selected fruits and vegetables.
Add the chopped fruits and vegetables for the next layer of your salad.
Add cooked, chilled grains for the next layer of the salad.
Add cooked, chilled (or canned) beans, lentils, or peas as the next layer in your salad.
Pack in your desired leafy greens as the next layer of the salad.
Sprinkle with seeds, nuts, or dried fruit.
Screw on the lid, and chill it until serving time.
Take it along for on-the-go eating.
Just shake it, dump it into a bowl, or eat it right out of the jar!

Follow my mix and match Mason Jar Salad guide to get creative with your salad fixings.

Mix and Match Mason Jar Salad Guide

Simply pick an ingredient from each column to layer into your Mason jar.

DressingVegetables and/or FruitsCooked Grains and/or BeansLeafy GreensNuts/Seeds/Dried Fruits
Balsamic VinaigretteSnow peasFarro/White beansBaby spinachWalnuts


Tahini Ginger DressingAvocado slicesBulgur/ChickpeasRadicchioPinenuts
Sesame Soy Ginger DressingMandarin orangesQuinoa/EdamameMacheAlmonds
Cilantro Lime VinaigretteRed bell pepperBrown rice/Black beansRomainePumpkin seeds
Vegan Ranch DressingBell peppersMillet/Black-Eyed PeasKaleDried cranberries
Red Wine VinaigretteMushroomsWheatberries/LentilsArugulaRaisins
Green Goddess DressingPeachesSorghum/Lima beansButter lettuceCashews
Cumin Citrus VinaigretteCauliflowerSpelt/Kidney beansRed oak lettuceMacadamia nuts
Fresh Turmeric VinaigretteArtichoke heartsBarley/Cannellini BeansHerb lettuce blendHazelnuts

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