Sharon’s Favorite Things

Sharon’s Favorite Things

It’s been an amazing summer week in Southern California, celebrating the season’s bounty of fresh produce and spending time in the sun with friends and family. I’m sharing some of my favorite plant-powered things this week. Enjoy your summer!

Live and Eat Well,


Lilly on a Boat in Big Bear, California

We rented a little boat for a summer picnic on Big Bear Lake, and of course my darling Lilly had to come along for the ride. She was a little adventurer!

Family Gathering in Big Bear

We celebrated the summer holiday with family—cousin, brother, sister-in-law, nephew, children, and spouse—in Big Bear. Such a fun day enjoying my favorite recipe of veggie burgers, freshly grilled corn on the cob, watermelon, and a marinated potato salad.

School Nutrition Association, Atlanta, GA

It was wonderful speaking in Atlanta at the School Nutrition Association Conference on Legume Love in School Meals. I shared my favorite tips on including pulses in meal planning, alongside my colleagues. We had a packed audience—it seems everyone is interested in plant-based eating these days.

CNN Building, Atlanta, GA

I was only in Atlanta overnight, but I had to give CNN a huge shout out as I passed by. It’s my favorite news station.

Omni Hotel Prime Meridian, Atlanta, GA

I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to taste local food in Atlanta during this whirlwind trip, but we did enjoy a meal in the hotel before my talk. This was a Southern farmers market plate, which is such a nice veggie option to put on a menu. The plate included savory, roasted, seasonal vegetables and potatoes.

Black-Eyed Pea Hummus, Omni Hotel Prime Meridian, Atlanta, GA

Now this is a great start to any meal. I’m in love with different types of hummus, so when in Atlanta, why not do a black-eyed pea hummus? Brilliant (and delicious)!

Watermelon Radish Salad, Omni Hotel Prime Meridian, Atlanta, GA

I also enjoyed a quick lunch in the hotel. I wanted a nutritious, protein-rich veggie salad, so asked the staff what they could do. They added baby limas to the watermelon radish salad on the menu! It was gorgeous and satisfying.

Plums, Pasadena Farmer’s Market

I’ve been gorging on stone fruit this month, as I know it’s such a special time of the year when they are at their best. Look at these gorgeous, dark purple plums I found at my farmers market.

Summer Squash, Pasadena Farmer’s Market

So fun to try different shapes, sizes, and colors of summer squash, such as these little scallop squashes in bright, sunny yellow. They are wonderful stuffed!

Sweet Corn, Pasadena Farmer’s Market

I also can’t get enough of sweet corn while it’s in season. Brought back two of these babies for grilling this week.

Melons, Pasadena Farmer’s Market

Is there anything better than a sweet melon picked fresh from the vine? I’ve been picking up a different type of melon each week from the farmers market this month.

Eggplant, Pasadena Farmer’s Market

I am also in love with these festive eggplants. My garden has produced some eggplants, but the spider mites have decimated the plants this summer.

La Columbe Coffee Drinks

Here’s a new product I tried this week. I love the packaging and convenience of these dairy-free, coconut based coffee latte drinks. They are super rich in flavor, too. And if you like it plain, they have a black cold-pressed coffee, too.

Green Blender

Here’s a new product I tried this week! I tried a box from the Green Blender delivery program. This is a new delivery kit program that provides everything you need to make some really cool, healthful smoothies with intriguing new ingredients.

Green Blender

You get all of the ingredients individually packaged, and with easy to follow recipes. Throw the ingredients into the blender, push the button, and voila, you get tasty, healthy smoothies in seconds!

Smoothies, Green Blender

The smoothie kits make a large smoothie, plus they even throw in the straws!

Note: I am not a consultant for (nor do I profit from) these products or food companies on my regular Favorite Things post. Sometimes I may receive a free sample of a product to review; other times I purchase these foods.

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