Plant-Powered Week in Photos

Plant-Powered Week in Photos

I just got back from my residency for my Master in Sustainable Food Systems program at Green Mountain College in Vermont. It was an exhilarating experience being back on campus, surrounded by people from diverse backgrounds and careers, talking about how we can make a difference within the food system. I am energized and ready to start my program. I’ll be sharing my experiences along the way. So, please check my blog often to hear about my discoveries on how we can all live a more sustainable, fulfilling lifestyle.

The Bentley House, Poultney, Vermont

During my residency, I stayed at the lovely Bentley House, a B&B right adjacent to the campus. It was so charming and comforting. Isn’t it adorable?

Breakfast, at The Bentley House, Poultney, Vermont

While I ate most of my meals on campus, I did enjoy my first breakfast at the B&B, prepared by the innkeeper, Pamela Mikkelson. She catered to my plant-based preferences perfectly, and started my meal off with this lovely poached pear.

First Day at Green Mountain College, Master in Sustainable Food Systems Residency

I started off walking to my first day of classes, which brought back a rush of memories from my undergrad college days! The campus is so lovely, with classic New England-style red-brick buildings with white trim—all frosted with a cheerful coating of powdery snow.

Sustainability is First at GMC

This is the greenest campus in the U.S.! And it’s evident everywhere throughout the campus. It’s ALL about sustainability here, and there are numerous undergrad and grad programs focused on sustainability.

GMC Farmers Market

I just love the idea of a school sponsoring a farmers market!

The MSFS students at GMC

The MSFS graduate students who came to the residency all gathered together for this photograph. What a great group of people—all ages, all backgrounds, all eager to make their own contribution to a more sustainable food system. I am right there in the middle.

Student Sustainable Cooking Demo in the Farmhouse at GMC

On the first day, we were treated to a sustainable cooking class by one of the grad students in the MSFS program. He is a chef, showcasing that this program has so many applications for people from all careers—dietitians, farmers, culinary experts, teachers, and those working in the food industry. The class was held in an old farmhouse that has been turned into an education space for the college.

Beets with Hibiscus

Since our chef was from Puerto Rico, he made some dishes utilizing local foods (beets) but with a Puerto Rican flair. Here the beets are cooked with a hibiscus flower sauce. Yummy!

The Bentley House with Snow Flurries

The snow started to fall on the first day, and I could spy my B&B across the street from the farmhouse.

GMC MSFS Plant-based Cuisine: Garbanzo Loaf with Mushrooms and Demiglaze

I have to say that I was treated to delicious plant-based cuisine during my entire residency at GMC. The plant-based lifestyle is alive and well on campus, as represented by numerous faculty and students who enjoy eating this way. Thus, I had amazing, delicious meals round the clock. These dishes were also focused on local, sustainable foods. So, this Garbanzo loaf featured locally grown, organic beans, covered with a savory mushroom sauce.

Vegan Apple Muffins

Every coffee break had some special treat for us—these little vegan apple muffins were so moist and flavorful!

White Bean, Kale and Root Vegetables Stew

On the second night, were treated to another local feast—this time featuring a winter stew with kale, white beans, and root vegetables in a savory sauce. So simple and comforting.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Laughing Child Farm, Pawlet, Vermont

The stew was also served with these local, roasted sweet potatoes.

GMC Cafeteria, Mushroom Tofu Tacos

Every day the cafeteria offered fresh, delicious plant-based options, such as this mushroom tofu taco bar for lunch.

Vegan Pumpkin Bread

What did I tell you about those delish vegan coffee break snacks?

GMC Student Farm

I got to tour the GMC student farm on campus. The farm is host to goats, greenhouses, and farmland right there on campus, and the students are involved with all sorts of farming activities, as well as helping with the farmers market products.

GMC Student Farm

You can see the solar panels, as well as the greenhouses and farm area on campus.

GMC Student Farm

Cute goats in the cozy barn on campus.

GMC Student Farm

So lovely in the winter, but just as pretty in the spring, summer and fall I’m betting.

GMC Student Farm

Here I am in front of the cheerful barn.

Melinda Hemmelgarn, MS, RD, Resident Scholar, GMC MSFS Residency

It was a thrill to see my friend and colleague speak as our resident scholar during the residency. Melinda has a passionate voice within my profession for creating a more sustainable and just food system.

Anya Todd, MS, RD, Presenting her Capstone at GMC MSFS

It was so fun to discover that my friend and colleague Anya Todd was finishing up her MSFS and presented her capstone project at the residency. Congratulations, Anya! And that’s Dr. Robin Currey on the right, the program director and my first professor of the program.

Philip Ackerman-Leist, Presenting at the GMC MSFS Residency

It is such a privilege knowing that my professors at the program are so highly regarded and respected among the sustainable food systems community. Philip spoke at one session, and I’m excited that his book Rebuilding the Foodshed is my first textbook requirement of the program.

Marty Strange, Presenting at GMC MSFS Residency

Marty is an expert in food policy, and he spoke on what we can expect in the Trump presidency. Riveting stuff.

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