Plant-Powered Eating in Malibu

Plant-Powered Eating in Malibu

I had a fabulous plant-powered weekend in Malibu, California. This health capital (and home to the stars) in California is all about healthy living, with yoga studios, hiking trails, farm to table foods, wineries, and lots of plant-based options on the menu. Take a peek at my plant-powered experience in Malibu.


Malibu Wines

First off, we stopped at Malibu Wines on our way to Malibu, which is right off Mulholland. I just love this picturesque hill covered with the criss cross pattern of vineyards. Malibu now has its own wine AVA, so we were interested in learning more about it. We sampled wines at Malibu Wines, where they have a charming picnic area—perfect for bringing in your own goodies while you enjoy the scenery.


Cornell Winery, Malibu

We also stopped in at the charming tasting room of Cornell Winery, where they stock many Malibu wines, as well as nearby producers in Paso Robles and Santa Barbara. The place is really cute—all Western artifacts and décor while you try a flight of local wines.


One Gun Ranch, Malibu

I fell in love with the adorable farm items from the amazing One Gun Ranch in Malibu, which are available at the Malibu Pier. Check out this cute herb box!


One Gun Ranch

There were also fresh citrus and rosemary bunches on display at the Malibu Pier.


One Gun Ranch

And fresh vegetables planted in a wooden box for sale at the Malibu Pier, too.


Carbon Beach Club, Malibu Beach Inn

We stayed at the Malibu Beach Inn for our weekend, which is located right on Carbon Beach by the Malibu Pier. We ate at their restaurant, the Carbon Beach Club, for our first night. Who can beat these views! You are literally sitting on top of the waves as they crash over the rocks.


Carbon Beach Club

I just had to try their veggie burger (I’m obsessed with sampling these on the road!). They even had cashew cheese as an option! With thick chunks of tomatoes, red onions, and avocados, it was very delicious!


Malibu Beach Inn

Malibu Beach Inn is located right on the Pacific coast, and we went for a 2 hour walk along the water and glimpsed “billionaire’s row”—the row of houses with the beach in their backyard, which is home to celebrities and wealthy business owners. That was fun!


Sea Vegetable, Malibu Beach Inn

I had to capture this perfect little sea vegetable lying on the beach—doesn’t it look like a carrot?


Malibu Beach Inn

Here’s a glimpse of Malibu Beach Inn from the shore—the waves rocked us to sleep every night.


Duke’s, Malibu

We also dined at local hot spot Duke’s. This place is named after the legendary surfer, and serves Hawaiian style dishes, with many plant-based options, such as this Thai Curry Tofu Bowl with Rice—yum!


Malibu Farm

For breakfast, we stopped at Malibu Farm, which is a quaint restaurant on the Malibu Pier. Look at this adorable display of pumpkins on the counter!


Tofu Vegetable Scramble, Malibu Farm

There were so many great plant-based options on the menu at Malibu Farm, which has an adorable open-air vibe with gorgeous views of the Pacific. I chose this farm fresh veggie tofu scramble, which had chunks of potatoes, butternut squash, and greens. So delicious and satisfying!


John’s Garden

We also visited Malibu Country Mart, which is an outdoor mall in Malibu where the locals go to dine and shop. Check out all of the plant-based options on this menu!


Surfrider Beach, Malibu

Our hotel was located right beside Surfrider Beach, a famous surfing hangout from way back when. We sat for hours watching the surfers. There were long-time, weathered, beaten up surfers, who have been doing this forever. And then there were the newbies, hoping to catch that perfect wave.


Surfrider Beach

Love this row of surfboards lined up at the beach. It says it all!


SunLife Organics, Malibu

We stumbled across this adorable shop in Malibu Country Mart. SunLife Organics makes fresh smoothies, bowls, and juices, plus stocks an amazing array of plant-based options—such as this fresh almond milk.


Nelson’s Gourmet Falafel Burger, SunLife Organics

SunLife Organics also stocked these amazing veggie burgers!


Freedom Farm, SunLife Organics

Check out these delicious desserts!


Margeaux and Linda’s Vegan Kitchen, SunLife Organics

I had this salad for lunch, which is made by this amazing little vegan kitchen in Pasadena. The founders of this place are behind the popular spot Cru in Silverlake before it exited—now they are making freshly prepared plant-based foods for hotspots around SoCal.


Tumaca food truck at Rosenthal Winery

We checked out Rosenthal Winery on our way out of Malibu—they have a tasting room right on Pacific Coast Highway. A food truck comes by their picnic area; this time I sampled a roasted veggie sandwich from Tumaca, a Barcelona-inspired food truck. It was wonderful!


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