Plant-Powered Eating in Ojai

Plant-Powered Eating in Ojai

I splurged on a weekend in Ojai to celebrate spring. Ojai Valley is one of my favorite places in the world—it’s only an hour and a half from Los Angeles, but this magical city seems like it should be on another planet. The area is all about organic, local agriculture and a peaceful, more zen-like way to live in this sunny, Mediterranean climate. Read on to learn more about my plant-based adventures in Ojai.

Ojai Valley

On the drive up, this view shows the valley circled by mountain ranges, and the citrus trees are all bright with fruit right now.

Chopped Salad, Azu, Ojai

I have this salad every time I’m in Ojai at this charming village restaurant. It’s so fresh and topped with chickpeas, beets, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, avocados and a yummy tahini dressing.

Pixie Tangerines

April is Pixie month in Ojai, so I was thrilled to see them for sale all over town. I love these little bright, crisp, sweet tangerines, which are grown specifically in the Ojai Valley, although I stopped at a nursery to bring back a Pixie Tangerine tree to grow at home. We’ll see if it loves my garden in LA.

Pixie Tangerines

These Pixies were on display in the hotel lobby. I ate Pixies all weekend!

Tipple & Ramble, Ojai

I stopped by this latest hotspot in Ojai for a snack and a glass of wine. I love the trend of picnic spaces—casual wine bars where you can enjoy a glass of wine or a beer in a backyard setting, with perhaps a little snack, too. Just look at this hammock and mural!

Tipple & Ramble, Ojai

We ordered the Mediterranean Board, which came with house fermented radishes and cauliflower, olives, and two types of hummus with turmeric cashews and roasted chickpeas.

Tipple & Ramble, Ojai

Just love this vintage restored camper, which is a little mini kitchen in the outdoor patio setting here.

Farmer and the Cook, Ojai

For dinner, we stopped by Farmer and the Cook, one of my favorite places in Ojai. It pretty much screams the laid-back, bohemian style of Ojai. It’s a small organic food store with a menu of café items, too. You order at the counter, and sit down in a rustic deck with mix matched furniture and listen to all the locals talk about their day. I ordered veggie tacos with cashew cheese. So good!

Farmer and the Cook, Ojai

This peace sign herbal wreath pretty much says it all.

Farmer and the Cook, Ojai

The small supermarket offers a variety of organic produce.

Ojai Valley Inn

We stayed at the fabulous Ojai Valley Inn, which is perched in the valley with 360 degree views of the hills, mountains, and countryside. It’s an amazing experience staying in this lovely, historic hotel, with typical Ojai architecture and immaculate grounds, complete with lavender, roses, and citrus trees.

Spa Lunch, Ojai Valley Inn

For lunch, I enjoyed a facial and this spa salad, with almonds, beets, avocados, and a Mediterranean dressing.

Olivella, Ojai

The restaurant at the hotel is probably the best in the city. I had this delicious rutabaga filled ravioli, which was completely vegan. So delicious.

Ojai Farmers Market

A visit to Ojai is not complete without a stop at the Ojai Farmers Market on Sunday morning. You will experience the freshest, most amazing local food, local artists and musicians, and an overall feel for the spirit of Ojai.

Nuts, Ojai Farmers Market

Love these local walnuts and pecans!

Radish Flowers, Ojai Farmers Market

Talk about root to stem—why waste those pretty flowers when your radishes have gone to seed!

Lettuces, Ojai Farmers Market

Spring is the time to enjoy lettuces in Ojai, such as these tender, colorful heads.

Greens and Flowers, Ojai Farmers Market

These are all edible—even those bright nasturtium flowers!

Radishes, Ojai Farmers Market

Isn’t this rustic display of radishes just lovely?


Sweet Strawberries, Ojai Farmers Market

Oh, these strawberries were good!

Pixie Tangerines, Ojai Farmers Market

Of course there are Pixies at the farmers market.


Ojai Farmers Market

You can find just about everything at this market.

Hip Vegan Café, Ojai

I tried this restaurant for lunch—it’s perfect for Ojai, isn’t it?

Hip Vegan Café, Ojai

So many great choices, so hard to decide!


Hip Vegan Café, Ojai

They had me at Pixie Mimosa!


Tempeh Burger, Hip Vegan Café, Ojai

This tempeh burger was divine—so savory with a yeasty, nutty sauce, and a delicious, sprouted grain bun and fresh greens.

Ojai Valley Arts

I stopped at all of the local galleries while in Ojai. I have my eye on a painting of an old pickup truck parked in a citrus field.

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