Sharon's new book California Vegan is available for pre-order now!

California Vegan


Inspiration and recipes from the people and places of the Golden State

Plant-powered dietitian Sharon Palmer tells the diverse story of California veganism with recipes showcasing local produce and celebrating the cultural roots, historical legacy, and future of plant-based pioneers in the state. California is where vegan culture all began, and where a diverse group of innovators continue breaking new ground. From the first glimpses of California cuisine in the 1970s to today’s Silicon Valley startups revolutionizing the way America eats, the Golden State starts the veggie trends the rest of the country follows.  Featuring over 100 plant-based recipes with full nutritional information and illustrated with original photography, California Vegan welcomes Californians into veganism and vegans all over the world into California.

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I’m so excited to be announcing the publication of my new book, California Vegan, on March 15, 2021! Check out my chat on what California plant-based eating is all about, and how you can be inspired by this easy, light, fresh, globally-inspired, absolutely delicious eating style no matter where you live.

“Sharon Palmer reflects what California represents in many peoples’ imaginations – she’s bright, vibrant, friendly, and adapatable to the various seismic shifting we’re all challenged with. Sharon’s early lifetime experience among an archetypal blue zone community, plus her constant quest to keep up with the latest research, makes her a valued food and nutrition expert for all things plant-based.”

Janine Bandcroft, Plant Powered Radio Vlog, Radio, and Podcast Producer.