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Plant-Based Eating in New York City

Sharon Palmer

The Big Apple is a great place for biting into inspired plant-based food! From small, hip, globally inspired eateries to star-power chef-driven hotspots, New York City has it all. I had the opportunity to visit New York for the first annual Plant-Based World Expo, as an invited speaker. This event brought out the best of plant-based food innovation around the world, but it also gave me a chance to sample the inventive vegan food in this sophisticated city. Take a peek at some of my favorite plant-based eats in Manhattan.

Plant-Based Eating in New York City

Speaking at the Plant-Based World Expo

It was such a pleasure to speak with other colleagues on a panel on plant-based menu options in schools at the Plant-Based World Expo in New York.

Meatless Monday Team

I had fun hanging out with the Meatless Monday team, as they are headquartered in New York City. I just love the work they are doing in the plant-based movement, and I am proud to be an ambassador for them.

Chelsea Market

I loved strolling through this cool, urban market, which used to be a biscuit factory. Now it is home to cool, edgy shops, and delicious restaurants offering numerous plant-based options.

Seed + Mill, Pumpkin Halva, Chelsea Market

One of my favorite shops was this beautiful Halva shop, which offered numerous plant-based options, like this gorgeous pumpkin seed halva.

Cauliflower Display, Chelsea Market

How cute and inspired is this?


I met the Meatless Monday team at Friedman’s for breakfast one morning, and feasted on this delicious, creative, entirely satisfying dish of grains, tofu, and vegetables.

Menu Beyond Sushi

It was so HARD to decide what to order at this entirely vegan sushi restaurant in the city. Just check out this menu!

Beyond Sushi

We settled on a few different types of sushi and dumplings, which didn’t disappoint.

Cinnamon Roll with Coconut Ice Cream, Beyond Sushi

Our server said we simply had to try this dessert, which was so rich and flavorful. Imagine a cinnamon roll, topped with caramel sauce, coconut ice cream, and toasted coconut. Yep, it was that good! Good thing we shared it with the table!

Sherene and I do The City!

My colleague and friend Sherene Chou spent every day scouring the city for plant-based eats!

Dirt Candy Menu

The piece de resistance of my NYC eating experience was visiting this legendary plant-based restaurant and enjoying the tasting menu here.

Dirt Candy, Imitation Caviar

The level of creativity is off the charts, as Dirt Candy created this faux caviar with seaweed over small cucumber balls with plant-based crème fraiche.

Dirt Candy Vegetables

Next came assorted veggies, such as fried asparagus and Asian-inspired cauliflower—all prepared inventively with a gorgeous layering of sauces.

Dirt Candy Carrot Sliders

I love the way Amanda Cohen, the Chef at Dirt Candy, layers in her plant flavors. So the tiny burgers are made of carrots, as are the buns. True creativity.

Dirt Candy Tacos

These are the best tacos ever: lettuce leaves, with crispy brussels sprouts, and toppings to add as desired. Yum!!!

Dirt Candy Chard Sundae

This was one of my favorite dishes, as it included chard in the sorbet, as well as throughout the glass in different forms. Though not pictured here, we tried a cauliflower cake which had cauliflower in the cake and icing, and yes, it tasted like cauliflower.

ABCV, Cauliflower

It was a joy to try this plant-based restaurant helmed by famous chef Jean-Georges while visiting the City. The completely plant-based menu had an artisanal, Mediterranean, local food flair. This roasted cauliflower with onions and pomegranates was divine!


Isn’t this dish just the prettiest ever? It was like a plant-based crepe, with creamy filling, cilantro, and flowers.

ABCV, Slow Roasted Beets

So perfectly lovely, light, and flavorful.

ABCV, Fiddle Head Ferns

I never miss a chance to try these when they are on the menu—they have a lovely, light sort of asparagus flavor, with a crunchy texture.


I mean, really! This golden brown squash was served with a crunchy onion topping and dates. 

ABCV Dessert

This dish was pure heaven—rich in the flavors of berries and “cream”.

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