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Plant-Based Eating in Toronto

Sharon Palmer

A Vegan Eating Guide to Toronto

It was so fun to visit Toronto—one of the most multicultural cities in the world. In fact, one out of two Torontonians are actually born abroad. Thus, it’s a really sophisticated food city worth exploring. You can visit Koreatown, Chinatown, Little Italy, and Little India on your stay in Toronto. And it also has its fair share of plant-based restaurants to sample. Unfortunately, when I went to Toronto there was a cold snap, so I didn’t get to walk the streets, as I would have hoped. But that didn’t keep me from eating some really great vegan grub! Check out some of my top recommendations in this travel guide to plant-based eating in Toronto.

The winter temperatures plummeted in Toronto, so I didn’t get out to walk the city streets and food neighborhoods as much as I would have liked. But the streets were pretty decked out in white!

CN Tower

A fun way to see the city is atop the CN Tower. The main photo at the top of this blog is taken from the CN Tower.

Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto

While you’re visiting CN Tower, make a quick stop at this gorgeous aquarium to see these pretty anemones.

Royal Ontario Museum

You can also make a pit stop at the Royal Ontario Museum for a look at some local exhibits of art, history, and culture.

Cannabis Infused Foods, at Four Seasons, Toronto

During my trip, I stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto. The rooms and service exceeded my expectations. And the food at the hotel was equally delightful. For one of my breaks there was a full display of cannabis-infused foods and beverages, such as these green juices. Cannabis is legal in Toronto.

Avocado Toast for Breakfast, Four Seasons, Toronto

The breakfast buffets were so fresh, healthful, and creative. One of my favorites was this display of avocado toast, with radishes, tomatoes, and quinoa.

Bagel Breakfast, Four Seasons, Toronto

One of the breakfast meals included these hummus, roasted veggie bagel sandwiches. Yum!

Ice Carving

During my nutrition conference and event, we learned how to do an ice carving. My team did a dolphin carving and won first place!

Fruit Skewers, Four Seasons, Toronto

Great, plant-forward options at each meal.

Spa, Four Seasons, Toronto

I enjoyed a facial at the spa, and even there they had vegan energy balls!

Café Boulud, Four Seasons, Toronto

At the café in the hotel, I enjoyed this colorful, delicious kale salad for a late dinner one night. So wonderful!

Plant-Based Nutrition at Pusateris 

Plant-based is so hot! This adorable, urban, gourmet food shop was all about plant-based foods and ingredients, such as these fresh juices.

Produce at Pusateris

This charming, historic food store had a beautiful range of produce.

Blossom Bakery at Pusateris

So many artisanal, plant-based options, such as these wonderful dips.

Lentil Snacks at Pusateris

It was so fun to see all of the great plant-based options in Toronto, such as this line of lentil snacks.

Soups, Pusateris

Even vegan soups in jars are for sale—why can’t we have that at home?

Deli Case, Pusateris

Look at all of these plant-based salads in the deli case!

Menu at Planta Restaurant, Toronto

It was one of my great joys was to visit Planta, which is a completely plant-based, vegan restaurant! Just look at this menu!

Vegan Poke Bowl, Planta Restaurant, Toronto

How creative is this dish?

Jackfruit Tacos, Planta Restaurant, Toronto

These little spicy tacos were so delicious!

Chickpea Fritters, Planta Restaurant, Toronto

Ok, these little bite were pure bliss!

Pizza, Planta Restaurant, Toronto

There were several pizzas to try, and this one had caramelized onions, mushrooms and truffles! Fabulous!

Rose Pistachio Chai, Planta Restaurant, Toronto

It doesn’t get better than this pretty, fragrant, creamy chai made with pistachio milk.

Vegan Cheesecake, Planta Restaurant, Toronto

This key lime cheesecake was so amazing!

Local Wines, Pearl Morissette

I got to sample lots of beautiful local wines, such as this Pearl Morissette—a must while visiting Toronto.

Constantine, Toronto

One of my favorite meals was in the amazing Mediterranean restaurant, Constantine. I enjoyed a series of plant-forward small plates, such as this roasted potatoes with citrus, herbs, and a plant-based cream.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Fresh Figs, Constantine, Toronto

One of the best dishes was this incredibly sweet, crunchy dish—pure heaven.

Breads, Cluny Bistro, Toronto

I also ate at Cluny Bistro, which had delicious fresh breads served with olive oil.

Vegan Habitant, Cluny Bistro, Toronto

While this was not a vegan restaurant, they had one vegan item on the menu: smoked tempeh, green split pea, almond milk crème fraiche. In most restaurants in Toronto, you’ll find at least one vegan item on the menu.

There are lots of wonderful plant-based food experiences awaiting you in Toronto, so enjoy eating in this multi-cultural city.

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