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Fruit Intake Lowers Diabetes Risk

Sharon Palmer

Research has consistently linked fruit consumption with benefits, such as lower risk of chronic diseases. And a new study continues to support this idea. Higher consumption of fresh fruit was associated with lower risk of type 2 diabetes, and reduced occurrence of complications in people with diabetes, according to University of Oxford researchers. Over seven years, of the nearly 500,000 Chinese participants, those who reported the highest consumption of fresh fruit had a 12% reduced risk of developing diabetes over five years compared with other participants. In people with diabetes, higher fruit intake was linked to a lower risk of mortality, about a 17% reduced risk over five years, along with 13%-28% lower risk of diabetes-related complications.

So, get out there and enjoy more seasonal fruits. For starters, try my Berry Quinoa Power Bowl, pictured above.

(PLOS, April 2017) Read the full study here.

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