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Welcome to Sharon’s multi-award winning blog, The Plant-Powered Dietitian, where Sharon posts daily on living a rich, fulfilling plant-powered life. On these pages, you will learn about cooking tips, nutrition information, recipes, photo diaries, traveling, product reviews, interviews, the latest in science, and much, much more.

Beat the Heat Plant-Powered Recipes

Beat the Heat Plant-Powered Recipes

The hot weather is here, and it’s tempting to just say “no” to cooking. However, you can eat delicious, easy, wholesome plant-powered meals without turning on the stove or oven. It’s all about turning to cool, seasonal foods and your slow cooker. I put together this...

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Science Saturday: Fruit Intake Lowers Diabetes Risk

Science Saturday: Fruit Intake Lowers Diabetes Risk

Research has consistently linked fruit consumption with benefits, such as lower risk of chronic diseases. And a new study continues to support this idea. Higher consumption of fresh fruit was associated with lower risk of type 2 diabetes, and reduced occurrence of...

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Sharon is an award-winning blogger, author, registered dietitian nutritionist, and plant-based food and nutrition expert.

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