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You’ll Dig Growing your Own Food

Grow your own produce with my FREE beginner’s guide to starting a home vegetable garden.

There are so many benefits to growing your own produce. First, it’s the most delicious, satisfying experience to pick farm fresh produce for your meals every day. You also can make a serious dent on your food costs, as well as your carbon footprint, as there’s nothing more local than growing food in your backyard. Even if you don’t have yard space, you can grow veggies on a balcony or front step in a garden bed or large pot. Plus, all of that home-grown, organic produce will boost your health and mood. My Grow Your Own Food Toolkit will give you everything you need to dig in today!


Save money and enjoy the best of local, healthful organic produce by growing it yourself. This free, easy beginner’s guide to home vegetable gardening will give you everything you need to dig in!

Here are the essential tips and tools inside the jam-packed Grow Your Own Food Toolkit

  • Why Start a Home Vegetable Garden?
    From kicking up nutrition, increasing family time, and saving money, there are so many reasons to get planting!
  • How to Get Your Vegetable Garden Growing Now!
    What you need to know to plan: where, what size, and which veggies to grow.
  • Top 10 Garden Vegetables for Beginners
    Try these easy-to-grow vegetables in your garden first.
  • Starting a Raised Vegetable Bed
    The advantages of raised bed gardening and a simple how-to.
  • Planting Your Veggies
    Soil, seeds, and transplants: putting those veggies in the dirt.
  • Caring for Your Veggies
    Maintain healthy soil, watering, controlling pests, and keeping critters out.
  • Harvesting Your Veggies
    Find out when, how often, and the best techniques to enjoy your bounty.
  • Seasonal Produce Guide
    Check out when produce is seasonal in most growing regions.
  • Garden Fresh Recipes
    These recipes highlight seasonal produce.

You love to sow it, grow it and eat it! Let my Grow Your Own Food Toolkit set you up for success.

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