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Thinking About Going Vegan?

Here’s Everything You Need to Start Plant-Based Eating in 2020


Which food movement has increased in popularity by 600% in the past five years?

It’s veganism. A 100% plant-based eating lifestyle.

Why is it getting more and more popular? Because there’s a growing body of scientific evidence that has emerged on the advantages of eating plants over animals.

Compared to non-vegetarian diets, plant-based eating is linked to a significantly lower risk of diseases like obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hypertension, and cancer.

Other benefits include lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and a decreased risk of developing things like cataracts, kidney stones, and gout.

Maybe that’s why Nielsen research says 39% of Americans are trying to eat more plant-based foods. Or why the Economist Magazine called 2019 “the year of the Vegan.”

But if you’ve been thinking about making the switch—or even just trying to introduce more vegan foods into your diet—you’ve probably run into a common problem.

It can be SO confusing if you’re trying to get started…

That is, until now.


When you download your FREE copy of the Go Vegan Toolkit, you’ll have all the essential tools you need to start or experiment with a plant-based diet.

Here are the essential tips and tools inside the jam-packed Go Vegan Toolkit:

  • A full 7-day vegan meal plan with recipes, so you’ll know exactly what to make and how to cook it during your first week
  • A comprehensive vegan meal planning guide to give you the confidence to take your new vegan diet into your hands
  • A vegan meal planner form to make planning easy and fast
  • A full vegan shopping guide and shopping list form to take the stress and anxiety out of trying to shop vegan at the grocery store
  • A vegan pantry guide to let you know what to keep in the cupboard so you’ll never be out of the essentials, and
  • A vegan equipment list detailing everything you need in the kitchen, so meal prep goes smoothly

Plus, as a bonus, we’ll include a full list of vegan “nutrients of concern”—an easy-to-follow guide to topping up your plant-based diet with essential nutrients you need for optimal health. Make sure you’re getting these dietary supplements, and you’ll never have to worry about nutrition again!

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It’s all inside when you download your copy of the Go Vegan Toolkit.

Just fill out the short form below and click “Submit.”

It’s all inside when you download your copy of the Go Vegan Toolkit. Just fill out the short form below and click “Submit.”

Then, when you sign up, we’ll send you even MORE helpful tips! You’ll learn how to get organized so vegan eating is a snap, how to plan your meals smartly and nutritiously, and how to “live the goodness” in 2020 and beyond.

Grab your Go Vegan Toolkit today and learn about the power of plant-based eating.

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