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sharon-palmer-headshotSharon has created an award-winning career based on combining her two great loves: food and writing. As a registered dietitian with a broad foundation in health care, she channeled her passion into journalism over the past 15 years, covering a variety of topics, such as health, wellness, nutrition, and cooking. Sharon is also an accomplished writer on food and environmental issues, having published a number of features on plant-based diets, hunger, agriculture, local and organic foods, eco-friendly culinary practices, sustainability, food safety, humane animal practices, and food security. In particular, Sharon has expertise in plant-based nutrition.

Over 950 of Sharon’s features have been published in a variety of publications, including Better Homes and Gardens, Prevention, LA Times, Cooking Smart, and Delicious Living. Her book The Plant-Powered Diet: The Lifelong Eating Plan for Achieving Optimal Health, Beginning Today (The Experiment, July 2012) was a critical success, which was followed by her second book Plant-Powered for Life: Eat Your Way to Lasting Health with 52 Simple Steps & 125 Delicious Recipes in July 2014. In addition, she has contributed to several books, including Food & Cultural Issues for the Culinary, and Hospitality and Nutrition Professions (Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc. 2009). Sharon blogs every day for her The Plant-Powered Blog, which has won numerous awards. She is also the editor of the acclaimed health newsletter Environmental Nutrition, and nutrition editor for Today’s Dietitian.

Sharon shines in culinary arts, focusing on globally inspired recipes featuring whole plant foods. She enjoys hosting culinary demonstrations and farm-to-table cooking classes. In addition, Sharon regularly appears in the media as a nutrition expert, and presents on food and nutrition at national venues, including California Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo, and Supermarket Symposium. She also serves as a nutrition advisor to Oldways Vegetarian Network and is a judge for the prestigious James Beard Journalism Awards and Books for a Better Life Awards. She was the proud recipient of the Loma Linda University Distinguished Alumnus Award in 2013. Currently, Sharon is studying for her Master Degree in Sustainable Food Systems at Green Mountain College in Vermont.

Living in the chaparral hills overlooking Los Angeles with her husband and two sons, Sharon enjoys tending to her own organic garden, visiting the local farmers market every week, and cooking for friends and family.

Sharon’s Philosophy

sharon-palmer-headshotThe key to health—for people and the planet—is becoming increasingly clear. We need to make a sure-footed return to eating a whole, plant-based diet. Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian or omnivore, it’s completely in your power to eat a diet that focuses on a symphony of minimally processed plant foods, including whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices. In fact, most traditional, cultural diets around the globe, from Peru to Africa, are plant-based. In the United States, we have strayed away from our healthy plant-based eating style to the typical American diet, which we know is linked with early death, obesity, and disease. Best of all, meals based on global flavors, crunchy grains, earthy legumes, and a rainbow of fruits and vegetables are downright delicious!

My love of plant-foods really started as a child. I was lucky enough to grow up in the woodsy Northwest at a plant-based dinner table long before people used that term. Now that I’ve settled in California with my own family, I’ve started my own food traditions that revolve around plant foods; I love visiting my local farmer’s market each week, whizzing up homemade fruit smoothies in the summer, and stirring a bubbling pot of vegetable soup in the winter.

To learn more about my plant-powered philosophy, you can read my article Plant-Based Eating, The Path to a Healthy, Sustainable Diet from Live Better Magazine.

Sharon’s Services

Sharon Palmer is available for the following services:

  • Freelance food and nutrition writing for newspapers, magazines, websites and blogs
  • Writing and editing
  • Author and contributor for non-fiction books related to food, nutrition, and cooking
  • Original recipe development with nutritional analysis
  • Speaking on nutrition, cooking and wellness in a variety of settings
  • Culinary demonstrations and cooking classes
  • Expert on nutrition for the media, including print, radio and television
  • Specific expertise in plant-based nutrition, including Mediterranean, Vegetarian and Vegan diets

Sharon’s Awardss

Sharon Palmer has won the following awards:

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Sharon’s Team

Sarah Achleithner

Sarah Achleithner

Marketing and Website Manager

Sarah is the Marketing and Website Manager for the Plant-Powered Dietitian. She graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2012 with her B.S. in nutritional dietetics, and has since worked in both a hospital and fitness environment. She has a passion for helping others improve their lifestyles, and does so through nutrition counseling and health seminars in her local community.

Christian Javryd

Christian Javryd

Video Director

A computer science student at Pasadena City College, Christian directs all of Sharon’s video production. Living in Los Angeles, Christian is a movie buff, video game connoisseur, and animal lover.

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“I have never seen anyone do a better job of getting to the essence of complex nutrition science issues and communicating them in a common sense fashion that is easy to follow.”

Rodger Wasson

President, Wasson Idea Farming

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