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10 Reasons Why Dietitians are Proud on RDN Day

Sharon Palmer

Today is RDN Day, which means it’s time to honor my favorite professionals: registered dietitian nutritionists. RDNs are the most passionate, professional, and enthusiastic people out there, working hard every day to re-shape the plates of Americans towards better health. That’s why I’m proud to have “RDN” after my name. And it’s also why I asked some of my favorite RDs to spill the beans on why they are proud to be called a “dietitian” too. Get ready to be inspired!

10 Reasons Why Dietitians are Proud on RDN Day

Dietitians inspire people to fall in love with gorgeous plants.

1. We help prevent chronic disease. “I believe in preventative medicine. Nutrition plays a vital role in the prevention of most chronic disease. As an RD, I have the opportunity to help people build a better relationship with food, make healthier choices, and reduce their disease risk. How exciting is that? I’ve become convinced from the research that a plant-based diet is the best option to optimize our health and minimize our disease risk, and it’s a pleasure to share this message with my community. It’s also a delicious job, as I’m often preparing and sharing delicious vegan food,” says Pamela Fergusson, RD, PhD.

2. We teach that healthy food isn’t a punishment. “I love being an RD because I get to ‘work’ with the three things I enjoy most: people, food and science. It’s fun teaching people that eating a healthy diet does not need to be punishment,” says Lisa Andrews, MEd, RD, LD- Owner, Sound Bites Nutrition LLC.

Dietitians help people learn how to pick healthful foods with confidence.

3. We improve people’s lives. “I enjoy fitting my nutrition expertise in the lives of others and helping them improve their life, one bite at a time,” says Joan Salge Blake, Clinical Associate Professor, Boston University, author of Nutrition & You.

Dietitians share the benefits of eating more whole plant foods with the world.

4. We help people meet their health goals. “I am proud to be a dietitian because we are life changers for our clients. It is such a fulfilling feeling when a person meets their health goal or changes a habit. This field can be challenging at times because we have to be up on the latest research but that’s what also makes it exciting. I am passionate about nutrition and fueling the body right for myself, my family, and of course my clients,” says Janet Brancato, MS, RDN of My Nutopia.

5. We impact children’s futures. “I am proud to be a dietitian because I know that my role is directly impacting the future. Each time I visit a classroom or help students harvest carrots from their school garden, I know that they will be more likely to consume fruits and vegetables on a regular basis as a result. Helping children understand the value of proper nutrition sets them up for success later in life,” says Stefanie Dove, RDN, School Nutrition Marketing Coordinator, Loudoun County Public Schools.

Dietitians educate people about delicious, healthful, seasonal produce.

6. We help people find acceptance. “My work as a dietitian creates an opportunity for clients to find safety and creativity in accepting where they are and healing within to move toward where they’d like to be, and support on the in-between,” says Diana Dugan Richards RDN, LDN.

7. We help people find a positive relationship with food. “I am so thankful I get to help clients achieve their health goals while improving their relationship with food, rather than ‘dieting.’ Their success and progression towards positive lifestyle changes they can sustain is awesome to witness. The look on their faces when they see an improvement in their labs or weight is so rewarding,” says Elissa Lueckemeyer RDN, LD, of Food 4 Success, LLC.

Dietitians inspire people to get into the kitchen and cook!

8. We connect people with the pleasure of food. “When you look up the top basic needs of humans, food is always ranked high! This makes me proud to be a dietitian because our profession impacts and influences people in what they need just to survive. Beyond needing food for survival, I love being a dietitian because food means so many things to different people – comfort, satisfaction, love, nourishment, fulfillment, and happiness. What an opportunity we have to not only improve the health and quality of people’s lives, but also in teaching them the enjoyment and pleasure food brings. There’s never been a better time to be a dietitian than now and I’m loving every minute of it,” says Cheryl Mussatto, MS, RD, LD of Eat Well 2 Be Well.

Dietitians show people that healthy food can be delicious.

9. We empower people to eat healthfully. “I’m proud to be a RD because I’ve been a part of so many ah-ha moments for people. When we started our conversation they were totally confused, scared and overwhelmed by healthy eating. After our conversation, the light bulbs go on, they understand their bodies and health better, and are empowered to eat. That’s completely awesome,” says Jenna Braddock, MSH, RDN, CSSD blogger at Make Healthy Easy and Founder of Off Season Athletes.

10. We clear up confusions. “I love being a dietitian because we can cut through all the confusing and conflicting nutrition information that’s out there and help people realize how simple healthy eating really is. Instead of recommending foods to cut out or limit, I prefer to focus on the nutritional value of all food groups and empower people to make balanced and portioned choices, leaving room for all their favorite foods in moderation.,” says Jessica Cox Ivey, Registered Dietitian and Chef.

To learn more about becoming a dietitian, visit the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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