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Top 6 Exercise Tips to Stay Motivated and Achieve your Goals

Sharon Palmer

Guest author: Cathy Scarlett

Fitness is something that a lot of people love to read about but very few put it into actual practice. This is not because they are inherently lazy people; most times it could just be because their routine is just not motivating enough.

One of the key factors in making up a fitness schedule is the fact that you have to think of it as a long-term commitment. Because otherwise, trust me, you are not going to stick to it and just drag your feet all through the program without any benefits whatsoever.

But you are not going to be without help and this is where I try to get some ideas into your head about how you can motivate yourself and get out of the lazy-cycle and onto a stationary cycle! You can also check out these amazing fitness motivation tips by 100 experts (Sharon’s tips are there, too) for their thoughts on the issue.

Plan your diet

When it comes to fuelling your body, you need to be aware of what exactly you are going to put into your body. And not to worry, not all healthy food is going to taste like dirt. You can find a lot of recipes online that can give your taste buds a good show while at the same time working with your body to give you better results. Because if you don’t see results, you are going to skip working out guaranteed.

Workout rewards work!

The human psyche is attuned to rewards. In fact, this is one of the more powerful catalysts which can drive a person forward. So it makes senses to use this to your advantage. When you conquer a peak, no matter how small, make it a point to reward yourself. Please for the love of everything don’t order a fat saturated meal! Something more sensible like an appointment at a spa or herbal massage could work wonders.

Dog days

Have a dog? Good. No? Offer to take your friend’s “good boy” out for walks in the morning. Dogs are pretty energetic and can be one of the best jogging partners that you are going to have. Plus, they need the exercise as well after being cooped up in the house all this time. Dogs can give you the motivation that you need to make time for your fitness and theirs. Don’t forget to give them a treat for giving you a good workout!

Mix that burns

When it comes to fitness, there is nothing that goes well with it quite like music. Ever listen to a song or several that makes sweating away on the treadmill easier? That’s your fitness sound genre. Get more and add them to make your own Fitness Motivator Dominator Mixtape. This should be your go to audio-sensory experience which you can put on any time, any day of the week and get pumped up!

Keep it different

No one likes to keep doing the same thing over and over again with the little time that they have for themselves. You need to change it up and create your own “most interesting ever” if you are going to stick with any fitness routine for any period of time. Resistance training is something I really love to get up at unearthly hours for. But, because I don’t want to burn myself off it by overdoing, I intersperse this with flexibility training and yoga. This keeps me looking forward to weight training and keeps my regimen “flexible” as well.

Maintain energy levels

Most times people stave off food in their desire to fight flab. Just thinking about food in terms of quantity and not the advantages they offer is going to be a problem for your health in the long run. For example, leafy vegetables contain a lot of iron which promotes a healthy mental state and chicken contains protein, essential for building a fit physique. It is important to consume enough food to maintain energy levels throughout the day.


To summarize, fitness is only hard because we make it so. If you are able to find the routine that you can love and are adequately hydrated with enough nutrition, there is no reason why anything should come in between you and a fitness routine. The tips stated aren’t the only ones out there, just the most popular that have worked for a lot of people. You’ll find your own fitness motivation tip in due course, just remember to share it with us!

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