Resistant Starch Health Benefits

Sharon Palmer

As if you needed another reason to eat more fiber-rich plant foods, here’s one more. Plant foods that contain resistant starches (RS), including potatoes, bananas, grains, and legumes, may improve gut health, blood glucose control, and satiety (sense of fullness), according to English researchers. Resistant starch is a type of fiber that isn’t digested in the small intestine, but is fermented in the large intestine, forming a gas called butyrate, which increases blood flow in the colon to prevent development of abnormal cells in the gut. Eating RS in place of digestible carbs can improve gut health by acting as a prebiotic, helping manage diabetes, and it may lead to eating less due to increased satiety.

(Nutrition Bulletin, January 2017) Read the full study here.

Image: Red lentils, Sharon Palmer, RDN

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