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High Protein Intake, Higher BMI

Sharon Palmer

Protein seems to be a hot commodity in the food and nutrition world, even though most Americans get way more protein than they need for optimal health. And one new study found that too much protein—especially animal protein—may be linked to problems. Research presented at the European Congress on Obesity linked higher consumption of total and animal protein in childhood to increased height, weight and body mass index in children up to age 10. The study found the link between protein intake and BMI was due to increases in fat mass index.

While we need more research in this area, it seems like this study supports the idea that we should be filling our plates with at least ¾ plants!

Read the full study here.

Image: My Tofu Kale Power Bowl (Vegan)  is the perfect example of powering your plate with mostly plants, and about one-fourth protein.

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