Create Your Very Own Personal Plant-Powered Goal

Now that you’ve thoroughly assessed your current eating style, as well as your personal health goals, it’s time to decide what sort of plant-powered eating style you’re going to go for: plant-powered vegan (no animal products), plant-powered vegetarian (no animal products, except for dairy and eggs), or plant-powered omnivore (low to moderate amounts of animal products, with a preference for fish and chicken). For example, if you’re a vegetarian, you may decide to switch to more plant-based dairy products. And if you’re an omnivore, you may decide to start with the Meatless Monday program and go meat-free one day a week. Keep in mind that all of these plant-powered diets have one thing in common: They focus on more whole, minimally processed plant foods, such as grains, beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables.  The more you include these foods in your diet, the better off you’ll be. Scores of studies back up the health benefits of a plant-based diet—which is defined as a diet that focuses on plant foods.

Tips for Focusing on Plant Foods (no matter what your goal):

  • Join the Meatless Monday bandwagon, for lots of support, recipes, and culinary tips to get you going.
  • Shun the “meat as the center of the plate” attitude—instead start your menu planning with plant foods, whether it’s that beautiful kale in the supermarket or some heritage beans you picked up at the natural food store, think “plants” first.
  • If you eat meat, use it as a seasoning. Take a chicken breast and turn it into a meal for the whole family, by using it in stir-fries, pasta dishes, or casseroles.
  • Take a cue from ethnic restaurants, which really know how to do vegetarian cuisine right. Indian, Asian and even Latin cuisines have delicious plant-based entrees in their culinary repertoire, worthy of stealing inspiration from any night of the week.

Reading:  Follow along with The Plant-Powered Diet, pages 1 – 42.

For plant-powered inspiration, try my recipe for Summer Vegetarian Chili today.

You Can Win a Prize!

We will be watching your comments on the blog and social media (Facebook,   Twitter,   Instagram) during the challenge, so be sure to let us know how you are doing. We are going to select one winner at the end of the challenge on January 21, 2018 based on participation and comments on the blog and social media.

  • Prize: An Organic Plant-Powered Farmers Market Bag filled with Plant-Powered Goodies! (Value $75)

Read the full rules   here.

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Main image:   Edamame Masala Brown Basmati Rice Bowl,  Sharon Palmer, RDN

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