I am really excited to launch a contest this month centered upon my Facebook Page   Dietitian Food Revolution.  What is the Dietitian Food Revolution you ask? Well, I’d like to think that it’s an interactive space for dietitians to come together to inspire good health through delicious, sustainable produce, within our own nutrition community, as well as the public in which we serve. It’s a place to talk about what we are doing in our own practices and communities, as well as share the latest news and tidbits on the exciting world that is our food system. And on top of everything, I think it’s about time that dietitians got the recognition they deserve for being key influencers in the food and wellness world. It’s time to stand up and speak about what we want in our food system: healthy, delicious, sustainable foods for everyone!

How did this Dietitian Food Revolution get started? I have the distinct privilege of traveling around the country and talking to so many registered dietitian nutritionists about their passions and their life’s work. I’ve heard from so many of you, as you share the amazing efforts you’ve made—many completely voluntary and selfless—in the quest for helping people find a more sustainable, wholesome lifestyle. I’ve talked to dietitians who’ve taken the SNAP challenge to see what it’s like firsthand to live on this limited budget. I’ve met those who have started up farmers markets in their hospitals. And I’ve heard stories about dietitians hosting free nutrition classes in schools, supermarkets and farmers markets. There is so much work to be done and, in my opinion, registered dietitian nutritionists have the most passionate, educated voices for moving the planet towards optimal health. We, as a profession, have the background, patience, knowledge, and inspiration to help guide people towards eating a diet that promotes a healthy, vibrant life, cuts disease risk and healthcare costs, provides ultimate fulfillment and satisfaction, and lowers impact on the environment. This is what led me to get the Dietitian Food Revolution started, and I hope you get involved.

Read    here    to learn more about the Dietitian Food Revolution.

To get things really going in the New Year, I’m doing a fun giveaway for the month of December.   I want to hear your own personal stories on how you are connecting the dots between healthy food and sustainability in your communities. Let’s unite together to celebrate the good food movement!

Here’s How to Enter:

All you have to do is share a brief story on how you are promoting sustainable food in your community. You can submit your stories via a link on my social media with the hashtag #dietitianfoodrevolution (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or add a comment below on this blog. Once you submit your stories, make sure to “like” Dietitian Food Revolution Facebook Page to finish your entry.

Local eating in New Orleans

For starters, here’s one of the stories I’m sharing about how we connected local, sustainable food with dietitians in New Orleans.

The winner will be chosen on January 2, 2018. Let’s start sharing our stories and inspire each other.


You will have the chance to win these amazing prizes!

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