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Celebrate African Heritage Week!

Sharon Palmer

Come celebrate African Heritage & Health Week February 1-7, 2017 with Oldways! You’ll find everything you need to learn more about this healthful, delicious, traditional eating style here.

The traditional African diet is filled with health benefits, as it is based on whole, minimally processed plant foods, such as greens, vegetables, whole grains, beans and peas, and nuts and seeds. I am a huge fan of the Oldways’ African Heritage program, which inspires people to fall in love with this delicious, healthful eating pattern. That’s why I encourage you to support African Heritage Week with these five tips.

Five Ways to Join the African Heritage and Health Week Festivities:

  1. Enjoy at least one dish inspired by African Heritage cuisines and the African Heritage Diet Pyramid.

– Try out one of the easy, flavorful recipes below, or featured in the recipe round-up blog (published Feb. 2 at
– Find a local restaurant on Oldways’  Dine Around Town Guide, which includes 224 restaurants nationwide.

  1. Sign up to teach   A Taste of African Heritage cooking classes   in your community — or find a class happening in your area.

– Use our ATOAH Class Database  here  to find a local class to join.
– Find out how ATOAH is transforming communities nationwide in  this Huff Post article.

  1. Host an African Heritage potluck for friends and family.

– Find a selection of our favorite recipes below.

  1. Share our African Heritage & Health Week graphics, food photos, and resources.

– Tag us (@OldwaysPT on Facebook and Twitter; @oldways_pt on Instagram).  

  1. Join our   A Taste of African Heritage Facebook Group   to connect with our community of ATOAH teachers and participants.

– Feel free to post your own African Heritage photos, recipes, and musings.

Use #AfricanHeritageWeek to show us how you celebrate!

Here are some authentic Oldways recipes inspired from the African culture. Try some of them out today!

Caribbean Callaloo Soup  (Caribbean), Oldways original

Accara Black-eyed Pea Fritters   (West African), c/o Marie Claude-Mendy, Chef/Owner of Terranga in Boston

Creamy Polenta   (Afro-Latin American), Oldways original

Maple Glazed Southern Turnips   (Southern U.S.), Oldways original

Cucumber Sambal   (South African Condiment/Side), Oldways original

Chocolate Covered Pecan Date Truffles   (Dessert), Bard Valley Natural Delights

Find more African Heritage recipes in our  African Heritage Staff Favorites collection.

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