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Go Plant-Power Challenge Day 11

Spice it Up! Who says healthy food has to be bland and boring? Herbs and spices—particularly flavorful plant foods—can really kick up the flavor of your diet, as well as its health rewards. New evidence points out that a number of flavorful herbs and spices are packed...

Go Plant-Power Challenge Day 10

Don’t be Afraid of Healthy Plant Fats If you’ve been around long enough, you probably remember the “low-fat” era, when people shunned fats because they were afraid that they made them fat and contributed to all sorts of diseases. Now, after a few decades’ worth of...

Go Plant-Power Challenge Day 9

Turn to Fruit as a Natural Sweetener Nutrient-rich fruit can move beyond a healthy snack or dessert—it can replace refined sugars, such as cane sugar and corn syrup in foods. You see, fruits are packed with naturally occurring sugars, but they come in a package with...

Go Plant-Power Challenge Day 8

Make Fruit Your Go-to Dessert There’s nothing better than that first, sweet strawberry in May, or that juicy summer peach, ripened to perfection. There is no need for fancy toppings or sweeteners—nature did quite a job as a dessert chef all on her own. In fact, fruit...

Go Plant-Power Challenge Day 7

Pack in 6 Vegetables a Day Piling your plate with veggies is good for you in so many ways. These plant foods are packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals—all for such a skinny calorie price tag (about 25 calories per serving, depending on variety). So,...

Go Plant-Power Challenge Day 6

Expand your Vegetable Repertoire Everybody knows that veggies are good for you. While your mother (and grandmother!) likely encouraged you to finish your peas and carrots, she probably didn’t fully understand why it mattered. But in the last few decades, scientists...

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