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Carrot Cake Overnight Oats (Vegan, Gluten-Free)

Who loves the overnight oats trend? I know I do! What’s not to love? Just prep a couple of mason jars with oats and flavorful toppings, and breakfast is ready to go the next morning. Following right along with the overnight oats trend is this fabulous recipe for...

Soft Molasses Cookies (Vegan)

I just love a soft, chewy molasses cookie, rich with the burnt amber goodness of molasses, and the sweet aromatic appeal of baking spices. I turned to aquafaba—bean liquid—to provide a fluffy texture to these moist cookies. In addition, some of the flour is swapped...

Go Plant-Power Challenge Day 14

Dine Out Well Let’s face it; it’s fun to eat out—delicious food, great service, and no pesky dishes to clean up. While it’s usually easier to meet your health goals when you do your own cooking at home, there’s no need to avoid dining out altogether. Plenty of...

Go Plant-Power Challenge Day 13

Sweat It Out! No plant-powered diet would be complete without regular exercise—it is just as essential to good health as what you eat.  Hundreds of studies lead to one conclusion:  Your body craves exercise. It needs it to maintain optimal heart function, healthy...

Go Plant-Power Challenge Day 12

Drink Up Health Water is life—you can’t live without it for very long. It’s essential for virtually every body function. Yet, the drinking choices you make every day also can have a huge impact on health. A growing body of evidence indicates that sugar-sweetened...

Go Plant-Power Challenge Day 11

Spice it Up! Who says healthy food has to be bland and boring? Herbs and spices—particularly flavorful plant foods—can really kick up the flavor of your diet, as well as its health rewards. New evidence points out that a number of flavorful herbs and spices are packed...

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