For World Cancer Day Turn to Plant-Based Prevention

Sharon Palmer

Today is World Cancer Day, which reminds us to do everything we can to fight this dreaded disease.  I have cancer in my family, nearly every woman in my immediate family—sister, mother, aunt—has been impacted by breast cancer.  So, I’m ever vigilant to stack my odds against cancer.

The AICR estimates that over 374,000 cases of cancer each year in the US could be prevented through lifestyle. Prevention is the ultimate strategy when it comes to minimizing cancer prevalence. This World Cancer Day, the AICR and World Cancer Research Fund encourages others to make healthy lifestyle changes in order to prevent some of the most common types of cancer. Alice Bender, the Associate Director for Nutrition Programs for the AICR, believes the same steps we use to reduce heart disease risk can also be applied to cancer prevention.

Research conducted by the AICR strongly suggests Americans can do the following three steps to cut their cancer risk:

1. Keep your weight at a healthy level. Avoiding obesity and maintaining a healthy weight is a key element to reducing cancer risk.

2. Eat a healthy diet. A diet filled with a variety of plant-based foods and one that limits meats and alcohol are essential for cancer prevention.

3. Be physically active for 30 minutes a day. An active lifestyle helps the body regulate hormones, preventing obesity and diminishing the number of cancer cases.

An alarming survey distributed by the AICR revealed that too many Americans feel as if they have no control over their risk of developing cancer. In an effort to bust this myth, the AICR will be providing a wealth of information related to cancer prevention by way of social media throughout the month of February. Please make sure to visit the AICR website often this month, to gain inspiration to power up with plants in order to cut your cancer risk.

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