It’s been a fabulous week! I’ve enjoyed trips to my farmers market, spent time with friends, sampled delicious plant-based foods in local restaurants, and tried some new food products. I’m wishing for you a wonderful weekend, enjoying all that summer has to offer. Remember to get out there and take advantage of summer produce, and smell a few roses, too (don’t you love these country posies I spied at my farmers market?). Here are a few of my favorite things this week.

Eat and Live Well,


Red-Tailed Hawk in my Garden

I spied this enormous red-tailed hawk sipping water from my garden fountain one afternoon. Isn’t it magnificent?

The Hollywood Bowl

I love getting out to see The Hollywood Bowl during the summer in LA. It is our quintessential summer season pastime. Of course, with a fabulous, plant-powered picnic and bottle of wine in tote.

Califia Farms

I got to stop by the Califia Farms booth at the recent Arroyo Seco Festival. I can’t tell you what a fan I am of this plant-based beverage company, based in Southern California. Their flavor profiles are amazing, from Cold Brew coffee blends to turmeric milk.

Friends of the LA River

I also stopped by the booth of the Friends of the LA River. In the biggest county in the U.S. (almost 11 million!), it’s easy to lose track of our watershed. But we have a rich history and biodiversity in the LA River system. Now that I’m studying Sustainable Food Systems, I think it’s important for everyone to get to know their watershed and learn about where your water comes from.

Tomato Products

I spent some time cooking up some new, healthy recipes featuring tomato products for Tomato WellnessLook for my new vegetable pasta on the blog coming soon!

Pasadena Farmers Market

I made my weekly pilgrimage to my farmers market last week, the summer produce is just breathtaking, and I love to see so many healthy, happy people filling their bags with produce.

Garlic, Pasadena Farmers Market

Don’t you just love this gorgeous, purple garlic? I ALWAYS have at least one bulb of garlic in my kitchen, and I use it every day in a multitude of recipes, for flavor and health.

Ambrosia Melons, Pasadena Farmers Market

I took home one of these melons from the farmers market. You’ve never had a melon until you enjoy one picked ripe that very same day. Succulent and juicy!

Plums, Pasadena Farmers Market

It’s plum season at your farmers market. We have to wait all year for these gorgeous, crisp, juicy fruits to shine. Don’t forget to make the most of them!

Roasted Broccolini, PYT, LA

I got to enjoy one of my all time favorite LA restaurants, PYT (which stands for Pretty Young Turnip). We started off with this flavorful roasted broccolini—yum!

Salad, PYT, LA

This is one of the best farm-to-table restaurants in LA. The menu changes daily, and it’s all about what is fresh and in season. Such as this amazing, simple salad with fresh greens, squashes, tomatoes, herbs, and an amazing EVOO.

Celery Margarita, PYT, LA

The cocktails are just as farm-to-table as the food—case in point: This Celery Margarita is just like biting into a juicy stalk of celery!

Grilled Stone Fruit Salad, PYT, LA

Savory grilled peaches with arugula in an EVOO vinaigrette. Need I say more?

Bob’s Red Mill Breakfast

I powered up on a bunch of new products Bob’s Red Mill sent over for breakfast. Including steel cut oats (my favorite!) with hemp seeds topped with sliced fresh strawberries. Now that’s how you do breakfast!

Pereg Kaniwa and Farro

I am in love with Pereg’s line of clean, wholesome whole grains, including this simple kaniwa (baby quinoa) and farro. These whole grains are so versatile in my kitchen. I love to use them as a simple side-dish with broth and herbs, as a component of veggie-burgers, in soups, or as the basis for a grain salad.

Celebrating Peanuts with the National Peanut Board

So fun getting this gift pack of peanut products from the National Peanut Board. Isn’t this tank the coolest (it’s my latest workout summer top now)? Peanut butter really is one of my favorite foods, you’ll find it in my cupboard in at least one or two varieties at ALL times as my go to plant-powered protein source.

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