Big, bold, brightly colored pomegranates are packed with phytochemicals linked with health protection, plus they are absolutely delicious. That’s why I have three pomegranates growing in my California garden (see the one I picked in December above). So, it’s exciting to see new research continuing to point out health benefits in this fruit. Pomegranate juice could have significant benefits in people with osteoarthritis, says a study by Iranian scientists. In the study, 38 people with knee osteoarthritis were divided into two groups: the first drank 200 milliliters of pomegranate juice per day, while the other had no intervention. After six weeks, the juice group had significantly lowered their overall scores and scores of stiffness and physical function. The other group’s scores increased slightly.

(Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, October 2016) To read the full study, go here.

Image: Sharon Palmer, RDN


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