I had a wonderful plant-powered week, filled with visits to farmers markets, tending to my garden, and stopping in for some great grub in local restaurants. Have a wonderful weekend!

Eat and Live Well,


Tomatoes, My Organic Vegetable Garden

I’ve got so many tomatoes in my garden in various stages of ripening. I’m going to be enjoying these babies all summer! Have any favorite tomato recipes?

Peppers, My Organic Vegetable Garden

The bell peppers are really starting to pop up in my garden, they should be ready to start picking soon. Love these vitamin-C superstars.

Milk and Eggs, Downtown LA Event

It was so exciting to visit the Milk and Eggs event in Downtown LA recently. I love that this business is connecting artisanal products to consumers in Los Angeles in an easy to use online format.

Milk and Eggs, Downtown LA Event

Isn’t this graffiti art work incredible? Anything to promote healthful, plant-based foods.

Milk and Eggs, Downtown LA Event

A fun day learning about all of the artisanal products available through this online delivery program in Los Angeles.

Health-Ade Kombucha at Milk and Eggs, Downtown LA Event

Health-Ade Kombucha is available through Milk and Eggs, fun to talk to the makers of this delicious drink to learn about how they make it.

Ventura Spirits, Milk and Eggs, Downtown LA Event

Loved these cool, craft cocktails using local purveyor Ventura Spirits.

Califia Farms, Milk and Eggs, Downtown LA Event

I am obsessed with this local food company, aren’t you? Their plant-based milks are just divine. And just watch for new flavors coming your way.

Cara Cara Oranges, Claremont Farmers Market, CA

I just adore Cara Cara oranges. The bright red flesh, the sweet juicy flavor. They are so wonderful as a treat, or sliced in salads. I found a stash of them at the Claremont Farmers Market on a recent trip there.

Nectarines, Claremont Farmers Market

I bought my first local nectarines of the season at this farmers market. So good! Summer is coming and I can’t wait!

Claremont Farmers Market

This farmers market is in the Inland Empire in southern California. It’s wonderful that we’re finding really good farmers markets all over the country these days. Make a point of visiting yours to see what is fresh and sustainable.

Pretty Tubers, Claremont Farmers Market

Nothing is better than fresh potatoes, such as these beauties.

Claremont Farmers Market

Took home these red onions and golden beets, too.

Avocado Hummus, Bellwether, LA

I made a visit to one of my favorite restaurants in LA, Bellwether. Located in the Valley, this restaurant is all about creative preparations of local foods, and it’s very plant-friendly. Just look at this scrumptious avocado hummus with za’atar, and chili.

Crispy Brussels Sprouts, Bellwether, LA

OK, I’m addicted to Brussels sprouts, but these are roasted with chili vinaigrette and served with Japanese pickles and sesame seeds. Yum!

Cauliflower, Bellwether, LA

These succulent cauliflower buds are prepared with Thai basil, mint, and lime.

Fava, Bellwether, LA

This gorgeous fava was served with figs, and frisee. See what I mean about this place?

Bone Kettle, Pasadena

You might be surprised to hear that I would visit a restaurant called Bone Kettle. This Southeast Asian hot spot in Pasadena may be famous for its bone broth noodle dishes, but it also delivers some fabulous plant-based dishes. We started with this barley tea—yes, those are barley kernels floating in that tea.

Gado Gado, Bone Kettle, Pasadena

This dish had tempeh with a fabulous bean, cabbage slaw with a savory peanut sauce. Incredible!

Charred Broccolini, Bone Kettle, Pasadena

The savory flavors of this veggie were off the charts.

Roasted Cauliflower, Bone Kettle, Pasadena

This roasted cauliflower was prepared with four-spice and cilantro.

Better Bean

I was in heaven when I got a delivery of my favorite bean products. If you haven’t tried these, run to the store. They are like home-made, flavorful beans that you might slave over in your own kitchen, and you can use them in wraps, as a spread or dip, or as the star of the plate.

Note: I am not a consultant for (nor do I profit from) these products or food companies on my regular Week in Photos post. Sometimes I may receive a free sample of a product to review; other times I purchase these foods.

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