I had a wonderful plant-powered week, full of trips to the farmers market, working in my organic vegetable garden, traveling around the country, and eating delicious plant-powered food. I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Eat and live well,


IAND Conference

It was such an honor speaking at the Indiana Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Conference in Indianapolis. I presented on plant-based diets for optimal health to a great, enthusiastic audience of dietitians. They had my book up for auction (see the background) for the event.

MSFS Green Mountain College

I just wrapped up my first course in grad school: Contemporary Food Systems. And this wonderful book by one of our professors was my first textbook. I highly recommend this book if you want to gain a deeper understanding of our current food system, and get some creative ideas for how to move beyond it.

MSFS Green Mountain College

I’m deep into my second course in grad school: Bioregional Theory and the Foodshed. I’m really honing in on the food system of my particular bioregion, which has been so fascinating. Who knew that in the San Gabriel Valley Foothills, the land I now stand on was in deep marine for most of its history! This book is one of my textbooks in the course.

Real Food Daily in LAX

I FINALLY was in the right place at the right time in order to pop into one of my favorite plant-based restaurants in LAX. I had a wonderful veggie wrap that I took on my flight to Indianapolis.

My Organic Vegetable Garden

My vegetable garden is looking so good! The warm spring days have really boosted my tomato, corn, squash, and eggplants.

Pasadena Farmers Market

One of my weekend joys is a stop at my local farmers market first thing on Saturday morning. Just look at these lovely artichokes. It puts me in such a happy mood!

Baby Rainbow Cauliflower, Pasadena Farmers Market

These were actually small (palm of your hand sized) cauliflower in various shades of pastel. I just had to buy one; it was so handy because one is the perfect size for a quick recipe.

Orange Cherry Tomatoes, Pasadena Farmers Market

Tomatoes are popping up at my farmers market!

Stinging Nettle, Pasadena Farmers Market

Yes, my farmers market has just about everything! Have you tried cooking with nettle?

Asparagus, Pasadena Farmers Market

Now that spring is really kicking in, I’ve been picking up asparagus each week at my market. I have some growing in my garden, but it’s not enough for a whole meal yet.

Macaroni and “Cheese”, SunCafe, Studio City, CA

I really enjoyed a comforting meal at this classic plant-based, organic restaurant in the San Fernando Valley area of LA. We started off with this skillet of creamy mac and cheese, made with housemade plant-based cheese.

Vegan Nachos, SunCafe, Studio City, CA

Moving right along with the comfort food theme, we followed with an order of delicious vegan nachos, with half tortilla chips and half jicama slices.

BBQ Cauliflower, SunCafe, Studio City, CA

Yum-mee! This was a wonderful BBQ cauliflower served with pickles, pistachios, and basil ranch dressing—all plant-based.

Key Lime Cheesecake, SunCafe, Studio City, CA

You would not believe that this light, creamy cheesecake is completely plant-based!

National Peanut Board Gift

I received an amazing collection of peanut products from the National Peanut Board, including all of these artisanal peanut products, a gorgeous wood cutting board, and more. I’m celebrating peanuts on my blog and social media this month, with an amazing giveaway of similar products.

Fawen Drinkable Soups

I tried these new products this week and just loved them. They are organic, vegan soups that are pretty much like a drinkable, smoothie-style soup. I think they are fabulous just heated up quickly, too. I love the flavor profiles! A great way to get more veggies into your day.

Note: I am not a consultant for (nor do I profit from) these products or food companies on my regular Week in Photos post. Sometimes I may receive a free sample of a product to review; other times I purchase these foods.

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