I had a wonderful plant-powered week, with time spent in my garden, cooking up new recipes you’ll soon see on my blog, and traveling to Sacramento. I hope you have a wonderful plant-powered week-end!

Eat and Live Well,


Tomato Products Wellness Council Annual Meeting, Sacramento, CA

I had fun presenting at the Tomato Products Wellness Council annual meeting in Sacramento, talking about all of the latest science on the health benefits of tomato products. There is so much going on with these tasty plant foods—one of their most promising effects is in the field of prostate cancer protection, but there is also strong research in heart health.

VegeUSA, Monrovia, CA

I had a fun little field trip to VegeUSA right down the street in Monrovia. I visited with Brian Schick, who filled me in on the latest on this plant-based food company based in Taiwan. The US warehouse is in the building that I visited in Monrovia, and lots of people come by to pick up their inventory of delicious, creative vegan and vegetarian foods. The Vegetarian Plus line that you’ll see in markets comes from VegeUSA, as well as a foodservice line under the label Verisoy.

Vegetarian Plus USA

Here are some of the new products I took home to try—these are all vegan products, and I’ve already tested several of them. They are very unique, made with soy and wheat, and can be the basis of meals to make at home. You can use them as the main dish, or in recipes.

Vegetarian Plus USA

I also was curious to try the vegan faux fish products, which really have a texture and taste similar to fish. This is a great way to gradually switch over to more plant-based fare, plus these foods offer easy options when you’re pressed for time.

Real Food Daily, Pasadena, CA

I also stopped by one of my all time favorite haunts, Real Food Daily—a plant-based paradise! This time we tried these scrumptious curry cakes, which were chickpea patties with flavorful sauces.

Saigon Avenue, Monrovia

Here’s a new place I tried! I love Asian cusine because it gives us so many amazing plant-based flavorful dishes to our culinary repertoire. There were so many great vegetarian/vegan options on this Vietnamese restaurant’s menu, and we started the night with these jicama rolls, which were light, savory, and so crunchy.

Chengdu Taste, Rowland Heights

I also had lunch at the famous Chengu Taste, a critical darling in LA (Yes, Jonathan Gold is a fan!) for its spicy, authentic Szechuan fare. We started with this vegetable soup, filled with lotus root, sprouts, mushrooms, and cauliflower. Delicious!

Chengdu Taste, Rowland Heights

The spicy tofu was so amazing! They call the sauce “numbing” here—and it really gives you a mouth-numbing type of spiciness over a red-hot throat-burning spiciness. I’ve never experienced anything like it before. You could almost eat this before going to the dentist!

Chengdu Taste, Rowland Heights

This mung bean noodle dish is one of their most famous—served with peanuts, green onions, and a spicy sauce.

Edamame Marsala

I had fun developing this new recipe this week—it’s an edamame version of the classic Chana Masala. Look for it on the blog in the coming weeks.

Swanson Choline Vitamins

I reviewed these veggie choline supplements as research for my recent blog on choline on vegetarian diets. I started adding these to my supplement regimen.

Rule Breaker Snacks

These little bars are so good! Vegan, gluten-free, made with real, healthful ingredients…they are a treat you can feel good about!

Aqua Ball

I tried these recently in my review—these might make for a good alternative to those sugary drinks kids are inclined to beg for, right?

Sparkling Ice

I also reviewed these beverages and really enjoyed the simple flavors. As people transition away from sweetened drinks, it’s nice to have something special every once in awhile.

Note: I am not a consultant for (nor do I profit from) these products or food companies on my regular Week in Photos post. Sometimes I may receive a free sample of a product to review; other times I purchase these foods.

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