Celebrate Fall with a Plant-Powered Giveaway!

We apologize for our change in monthly giveaways this month. Instead of the Pomegranate giveaway, I’m celebrating fall with a Plant-Powered Giveaway, featuring some of my favorite products to support a healthy, delicious, plant-powered life. With Vegetarian Awareness...
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Plant-Powered Giveaway with Pereg Natural Foods

I’m so thrilled to partner with Pereg Natural Foods to bring you a fabulous plant-powered giveaway! Pereg Natural Foods provides a range of 100% pure, premium, all-natural spices and grains the world has to offer. They make a delicious array of nutritious and...

Plant-Powered Giveaway with Ovega-3

Get ready to win big in my Plant-Powered Giveaway with Ovega-3 this month! Ovega-3 is a plant-based omega-3 supplement containing both DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids to support heart and brain health. Derived from algae, not fish or krill oils, you get the same heart...

Plant-Powered Giveaway with Milk & Eggs

I am really excited to bring you this giveaway with the amazing new farm-fresh, grocery delivery service Milk & Eggs. I have fallen in love with this grocery delivery service, because they feature many fresh, plant-based foods grown and prepared within my own...

Plant-Powered Giveaway with Soy Connection

I am so happy to partner with Soy Connection to bring you this fabulous plant-powered giveaway this month. It comes at a perfect time, because April is Soyfoods Month, and I’m celebrating healthy, delicious soyfoods on my blog all month long.  Soy Connection is one of...

Plant-Powered Giveaway with Sandra Sellani

I am so excited to celebrate the publication of my friend Sandra Sellani’s new book, The 40-Year-Old Vegan: 75 Recipes to Make You Leaner, Cleaner, and Greener in the Second Half of Life with this fun giveaway. I’m combining my hand-crafted organic T-shirt with her...

Plant-Powered Giveaway with Rule Breaker Snacks

I am so excited to bring you this month’s Plant-Powered Giveaway with Rule Breaker Snacks! I have fallen in love with these healthy, delicious, plant-based treats. Rule Breaker (originally Pure Genius) created a whole line of treats based on beans, which means they...

Plant-Powered Giveaway with Veestro

I am so excited to bring you this month’s Plant-Powered Giveaway with Veestro! Veestro is a plant-based meal service that provides healthy, organic dishes straight to your door. At Veestro, they are in the business of delivering happiness to busy people, and believe...

Sharon Palmer’s Plant-Powered Book Series

With these handy guides, anyone can forge new eating habits, cook delicious food, live a more sustainable lifestyle, and enjoy a vibrant plant-powered life—one tasty step at a time!
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