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Plant Chat: Margaret Adamek, PhD, Blue Zones

I am really excited to have Margaret Adamek, PhD, Food Policy Expert at Blue Zones Project, on my Plant Chat today. Margaret’s longstanding experience with food systems change—from production to consumption—is a perfect fit for her work with Blue Zones Project. Blue...

Wrap it Up!

As trees start to bud, blossoms emerge from the earth, and spring vegetables pop up in your farmers market, it’s a signal that spring is finally here. And it’s a sign that it’s time to lighten up your diet in preparation for summer. Time to shed those heavy, creamy,...

Dirt Report: Edamame

Just in time for National Soyfoods Month, I’m celebrating edamame. Essentially the fresh green soybean, edamame is a wholesome, versatile food packed with star nutrients. You probably know edamame as one of your favorite starter courses at a Japanese restaurant, but...

Ask Sharon: How do I get vitamin D on a plant-based diet?

As part of my new program “Ask Sharon”, I am answering the top question of the month submitted through my blog, Facebook, Twitter  or Instagram to answer here. You can even win a prize! Don’t forget to submit your burning nutrition question this month via my blog, or...

Probiotics May Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Probiotics are a hot trend, as we learn more about the impact our gut microbiome can have on digestive and immune health, and beyond. But we need more research to fully understand their potential benefits. So, it’s exciting to see new research linking probiotics,...

Plant-Powered Eating in Las Vegas

I spent the weekend in Las Vegas as an extension of a presentation I was invited to make at the Food Service Systems Management Education Council conference. I had an amazing experience sampling all of the plant-based menu options in Vegas, so follow along with my...

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