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10 Dietitian Tips to Protect Your Heart with Your Fork

Just in time for Heart Month, I’m bringing you top dietitian’s best advice for protecting your heart with your fork. After all, heart disease is the number one killer in the U.S. And diet is one of the most powerful tools you have to help keep your heart going strong....

Winter Berry Smoothie Bowl (Vegan, Gluten-Free)

Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean you can’t fall into fruit. While summer is when fruits—berries, peaches, and melons—are at their seasonal best, you can rely on frozen fruits during the cooler months to fuel your diet with flavor and nutrition. Frozen...

5 Plant-Powered Winter Soups

Soups on! That’s right, winter is the perfect time to warm up with a bowl of hearty, fragrant soup. Studies show eating soup is a healthy habit, as it can help fill you up and reduce calories you consume during the day. Plus, soups are the perfect carrier for a...

Science Saturday: Poor Diet Increases Risk of Death

More and more research connects our daily eating style with risks of chronic diseases, which can shorten the quality and length of your life. A new study found that diets low in whole grains, fruit, nuts, and seeds and high in salt are linked to one in five deaths...

Sharon’s Favorite Things

Happy Friday! It’s been a whirlwind week of enjoying the late winter season in my bioregion of Southern California. I’m sharing some of my favorite plant-powered things this week on my blog—starting with this purple cauliflower peeking out of its leaves in my garden....

Tale of Two Problems: Hunger and Obesity

The twin problems of food insecurity and obesity go hand in hand in the U.S. People who are food insecure ironically face a higher risk of obesity, due to the lack of affordable, healthful food options in food deserts and low-income areas (Treuhaft, & Karpyn, 2012)....

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