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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chickpea Bars (Vegan)

Spurred on by a jar of really good peanut butter, I was inspired to include one of the best food love affairs of all time—peanut butter and chocolate—in a healthy vegan bar you can feel really good about enjoying. You’ll never guess that this moist bar has a whole can...

Rustic Avocado Garlic Toast (Vegan)

Are you in love with the smashed avocado toast trend? I know I am. And it doesn’t hurt that I have a 50-year old Fuerte avocado tree growing in my front yard, which supplies me with hundreds of avocados every year (don’t hate me!). My son Nicholas is home from college...

Science Saturday: Poor Diet Linked to Breast Cancer

More and more evidence links cancer—even that of the breast—with diet. Overall, the research shows your best-odds, cancer-protecting diet is one with more whole, plant-based foods. And a new study continues to support that concept, especially early on. In the study,...

Plant-Powered Eating in Paso Robles

If you ever find yourself in search of a get-away in California, give the lovely town of Paso Robles in the Central Coast of California a try. Located a little more than 3 hours via car from Los Angeles, this is a charming, sun-soaked, wine country respite, where you...

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