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Ask Sharon: Are Spices Always Safe?

As part of my program “Ask Sharon”, I am answering the top question of the month submitted through my blog, Facebook, Twitter  or Instagram to answer here. You can even win a prize! Don’t forget to submit your burning nutrition question this month via my blog, or...

Science Saturday: Tomatoes Fight Prostate Cancer

Here’s another reason to eat more delicious, wholesome tomatoes: prostate cancer protection. Eating tomatoes and foods containing lycopene—the plant chemical that makes fruits and vegetables pink and red—may lower the risk of developing prostate cancer, research...

Sharon’s Favorite Things

As a new feature on my blog, I’m sharing a few of my favorite plant-powered things on Fridays, including cool places I’ve visited, wonderful food products I’ve sampled, fabulous plant-centric restaurants I’ve dipped into, and seasonal, local produce worth tasting....

Whole Grains, Good for Your Health and Wallet

Boosting whole grains in your diet is one of the healthiest—and most economical—ways you can pump up your health. With every delicious bite, whole grains deliver fiber, plant protein, essential vitamins and minerals, and even antioxidant compounds. It’s no wonder a...

Plant Chat: Mark Allison, of Dole

Welcome Mark Allison on my Plant Chat today! Mark is a chef, educator, author, and motivator of healthy eating; dedicated to empowering the world community to live a full and healthy life one meal at a time. Mark is Director of Culinary Nutrition for the Dole Food...

Plant-Powered Review: The Impossible Burger

Written by Guest Blogger, Rebecca Berg In 2008 my college dorm room had a sign that read: Name: Rebecca Berg, Hometown: Baltimore, MD, Favorite Food: FILET MIGNON. I was a die-hard meat lover. A senior year sociology class undoubtedly changed my life and I haven’t...

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