Passion Fruit, My Garden 

Here’s an update on my organic garden this week. Look at these baby passion fruits starting to pop off the vine! I can’t wait for these to mature. 

Pumpkin, My Garden 

So these little volunteer squash/pumpkin are coming up from my compost. I have no idea what it will be—maybe squash? Maybe pumpkin? My bet is on pumpkin right now. You can see the baby vegetable forming. 

Three Sisters, My Vegetable Garden


This is my fun garden project this year! I’m reproducing the Native American’s agricultural tradition of Three Sisters. You plant the corn, beans at the base to use the corn stalk as a support, and then squash to offer a canopy for the plants. This is the traditional backbone of the early American diet. I’m so excited! 

Scopa Italian Roots,

Scopa Italian Roots, California Olive Ranch Event 

My plant-based choices were amazing at Scopa, such as this fresh pasta with basil and cherry tomatoes. Yum! 

Scopa Italian Roots, California Olive Ranch Event 

Look at this adorable gift basket, featuring a baby olive tree, CA sea salt in an olive wood container, and amazing California Olive Ranch EVOO

Loma Linda University Food Forward Event, Humane Society 

We enjoyed delicious plant forward food at the event, such as this strawberry quinoa almond salad. 

The Bellwether, Studio City 

It was fun trying another local LA hot spot, The Bellwether, which is also on the list of best restaurants, too! They had a very plant-friendly, small plates menu, such as this delicious Tempura Cauliflower. 

The Bellwether, Studio City 

The Roasted Beets with Charred Leek Pistou, Candied Pistachio, and Red Sorrel was fabulous, too. So pretty and with a balanced finish of acid and sweetness on the palate. 

The Bellwether, Studio City 

These Peruvian Lima Beans, with Belgian endive, sunchokes, rosemary and calamansi vinegar, were so savory and satisfying. 

Tempt Hemp Tofu 

I got to try Tempt Hemp Tofu this week. I baked it with a bit of olive oil, Greek herb mix, and balsamic vinegar, which made it so golden and flavorful! 

Wonderfully Raw Gourmet Delights, Brussel Bytes 

Here’s a new product that I tried! Kale chips are getting all the praise, but these Brussels sprouts bites are absolutely fabulous! 

Explore Cuisine Pasta 

I am such a fan of bean and lentil pastas that are turning up everywhere! So, I was really excited to try some of these exotic flavors of highly nutrition pastas, made of edamame, black beans, chickpeas, and lentils. They are so colorful and flavorful. Watch for more inspiration with these products soon on the blog! 

Note: I do not profit from these products or food companies on my regular Week in Photos post. Sometimes I may receive a free sample of a product to review (which I note); other times I purchase these foods myself to review. On this regular post, I’m just providing my own unsolicited opinion about popular products, services, and organizations in the food world today! 

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