Plant-Powered Back to School Nutrition and Cooking Class with Ann Gentry, Real Food Daily 

So fun hosting a back-to-school nutrition and cooking class with Ann Gentry, owner of Real Food Daily, in Pasadena. We had a great turnout, and so many passionate people asking questions about the plant-based lifestyle. Plus, I shared one of my favorite recipes Chick Pea Sea Salad Sandwiches from Plant-Powered for Life at the class. 

Hiking in Big Bear 

I think daily exercise is so important! I took advantage of a perfect Indian summer day to go for a 3 mile hike in Big Bear. What’s your favorite way to stay active? 

Bad Ass Vegan at Green Festival, LA 

It was so fun checking out the Green Festival in LA last weekend! So many fabulous, plant-based, sustainable foods. I even ran into my buddy Bad Ass Vegan at the Vegan Smart booth! 

Pulp Pantry at the Green Festival LA 

So many fabulous new products at the Green Festival, such as this cool Pulp Pantry snack, made out of nut and fruit fibers leftover from processing! Talk about green! Plus, so yummy and delish! 

Go Raw Sprouted Watermelon Seeds, Green Festival LA

I just loved this new product at the Green Festival: Go Raw Sprouted Watermelon Seeds! How fabulous, and delicious, too. 

True Food Kitchen, Green Festival LA 

I LOVE Dr. Weil’s True Food Kitchen. They had a booth sampling delicious foods from the restaurant chain. Plus they’re opening up a restaurant in Pasadena—can’t wait! 

Crossfit Monrovia 

One of my plant-powered workouts of the week! 

Frieda’s Specialty Produce 

Check out these amazing fruits called kiwano from Frieda’s. Covered with orange flesh with spikes, and green pulp in the middle—there’s no better Halloween food, right? Check out these fun Kiwano Horror videos here

Frieda’s Specialty Produce 

Aren’t these fruit gorgeous? The pomegranates I just got from Frieda’s were especially big and hearty—with wonderful arils (seeds) inside. Check out my month of pomegranates coming up in December! 

Frieda’s Specialty Produce 

I just love starfruit! Just cut them into slices and you will reveal a perfect star shape. They’re wonderful served on fruit platters or garnishes for just about anything. Plus, I think they pretty up any morning oatmeal bowl! Love this video on starfruit here

Frieda’s Specialty Produce 

These beauties are my favorite lemons—they have such a wonderful, sweet juicy flavor, and fabulous scented rind. Enjoy them in tea drinks, salads, and garnishes every day! 

Frieda’s Specialty Produce 

These were so fun to receive. I love purple sweet potatoes, which are packed with healthy anthocyanins—just simply baked. But another way to enjoy them is mashed, in soups, or served in a sweet potato casserole! 

Hyley’s Teas 

I just got a sample of these amazing herbal teas this week. I’m a huge fan of drinking herbal teas for benefits, such as relaxation and better sleep. 

Atkins Harvest Trail Bars 

I just tried these fun products this week. Love the whole foods ingredients in these nut bars. 

Arbonne Essentials 

I tried these samples this week, too. The Greens Balance powder is a nice additive to a smoothie or drink, and the chews give you a great boost for only 30 calories. 

Note: I do not profit from these products or food companies. On this regular post, I’m just providing my own unsolicited opinion about popular products, services, and organizations in the food world today! 

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