Check out my first organic heirloom tomatoes from my vegetable garden!

The squash blossoms are starting to pop up in my organic vegetable garden.

Tomatoes flourishing in my organic vegetable garden.

Stumptown Coffee is right around the corner), the space is very cool, urban, and rustic—with rusty tin on the façade, faded brick interiors, exposed pipes, and service doors as windows. When you see a dining space like this in a gritty, industrial region of Downtown LA, it’s believable. 

The kitchen is open; you can see the crew of young, eager chefs and workers creating their trademark food. Everything is fresh and house-made. The salads and vegetables tasted like they were plucked from the farm that morning, the breads and pastas looked like they were rolled out that morning on the counters, as well. 

Wine service at Bestia

We brought our own wine, and the sommelier decanted it into an empty large magnum bottle at our table. Kind of a fun way to recycle!

Roasted Vegetables at Bestia

For starters, I ordered the roasted vegetables, which were an assortment of roots (parsnips, heirloom carrots), broccoli, cauliflower, onions in a cast iron dish. So yummy! I also ordered a farro salad with avocado that was so delicious—all creamy, crunchy, and hearty flavors! 

Vegetable pasta,

Crossfit Monrovia

One of my Crossfit workouts of the week. 

Plant-Powered Sunday Breakfast

A bowl filled with Tuscan melon cubes, topped with mango soy yogurt, Barbara’s Bakery granola, and hemp seeds! How pretty and satisfying is that! 

Biotta Beet Juice

I recently sampled Biotta Beet Juice. New research is showing interesting benefits from consuming beets, which are packed with phytochemicals with strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. They may help protect against cancer, high blood pressure, and even boost your post-recovery. My favorite way to include this juice is to add it to my veggie and fruit rich smoothie, as the color is just gorgeous! 


It’s been so fun working with SOYJOY during the past several months. I am a big fan of soy as a nutrient-rich plant protein, and these whole food bars are packed with good ingredients, such as whole soy and fruits. Perfect go-to snack for your bag or briefcase. 

Eat Smart

I’m so excited to be working with East Smart this year. I’m in love with their line of plant-powered salads, such as this Sweet Kale blend. Just open the bag, toss in the ingredients and dressing, and you’ve got a delicious, healthy salad ready to go! 

Note: With the exception of the companies I work with (noted above), I do not profit from these products or food companies. On this regular post, I’m just providing my own unsolicited opinion about popular products, services, and organizations in the food world today! 

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